INFORMS Student Chapter at Mississippi State University

Last News:

MSU INFORMS Chapter’s participation in IISE Annual Meeting in Orlando, FL  (18-21 May 2018)



MSU INFORMS Chapter’s Activites for Spring 2018  (Jan-May 2018)


MSU INFORMS Chapter’s participation in INFORMS Annual Meeting in Houston, TX  (22-25 Oct 2017)


MSU INFORMS Chapter’s Social Activity –  BBQ Party at Noxubee  (9 Sep 2017)



MSU INFORMS Members Photo  (3 Mar 2017)


unnamed-1 Renew the MSU INFORMS Chapter’s board with motivated and energetic officers (31 JAN 2017)



This is the official website of INFORMS students chapter at Mississippi State University. Thank you for visiting us. Feel free to browse different pages to check out who we are and what we do. And, please consider joining us for free using the Join US! link.


INFORMS @ MSU has been awarded the “Outstanding Student Chapter Achievement” for the year 2014. We thank everyone involved in making this possible. 

Follow our page on Facebook to get the latest news, events, and photos here facebook-like

Check up our 2016 Newsletter here

To see our Many Events we have had so far, just click here


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