Officer Duties


The President of Mississippi State University Student Chapter of INFORMS shall preside at meetings, represents chapter in external affairs, and provides direction to the activities of the chapter and its officers. The President shall administer correspondence and amendments to bylaws (Article IX), announce meetings, and maintain contact with the Institute. File annual report to the Institute that describes chapter activities.


As in constitution, The Vice-President shall assume duties of the absent president; administers cultural and social activities.

  • Vice-President Recruitment shall be responsible to advertise for the available positions of the chapter and introduce the interested and enthusiastic students to the chapter.
  • Vice-President Social Affairs shall arrange social activities and encourages networking opportunities.
  • Vice-President Event Relations shall arrange everything related to a set event. The arrangement would be booking a room, ordering food if applicable or other specified arrangements.
  • Vice-President Communications shall take care of the chapter’s website maintenance and data and contents updates, as well as its form and content improvement.
  • Vice-President Corporate Relations shall find and contact corporate directly or indirectly and arrange industrial tour and attract sponsors.
  • Treasurer shall be responsible for financial matters, to include receipt of all financial reports from the Institute and conveyance of financial information to the chapter membership, to work with the Mississippi State University Center for Student Involvement and any other organizations providing funds to Mississippi State University Student Chapter of the INFORMS. Approve all expenditures and monitors receipts to the Institute in a fiscally sound manner.