The MSU INFORMS chapter hosts several workshops and interest sessions throughout the year. The goal of these workshops is to enrich the learning experiences of those interested in operations research and management sciences by providing learning opportunities outside the classroom. The interest sessions are aimed at expanding the chapters memberships and generating interest in both the local and national chapter of INFORMS.


Guest: Dr. Sasha Dong (Thursday Feb. 11, 2021)

Dr. Zhijie (Sasha) Dong is an assistant professor of industrial engineering at Texas State University. Dr. Dong’s current research focus is on applying and inventing data and computational science methods (e.g., machine learning and optimization) to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and equity of disaster response and crisis management.

FLyer_Dr. Dong


Coffee with INFORMS

Guest: Dr. Craig M. Harvey (3rd December, 2019)

Dr. Craig M. Harvey is Professor of Industrial Engineering, Holder of the Donald W. Clayton University Professorship, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs of the College of Engineering, Louisiana State University. He was a Department Head Candidate and shared his insights for the future of IE department. 

Retirement Reception for Dr. John M. Usher (27th June, 2019)

INFORMS student chapter members gathered for appreciating Dr. John M. Usher. Dr. Usher retired from the  Industrial & Systems Engineering department of MSU on June 30.

Seminar: Research on Virtual Reality: Present and Future

Speaker: Dr. Michael Hamilton (13th June, 2019)

Dr. Michael Hamilton is an Associate Director and Research Assistant Professor, Institute for Systems Engineering Research (ISER) at Mississippi State University. He conduct very informative seminar on VR.

Coffee with INFORMS

Guest: Ms. Nasibeh Farahani (27th March, 2019)

Ms. Nasibeh Farahani is a PhD Candidate at University of Missouri. She detailed about the job preparation steps and shared her personal experience in job interviews. 

Research Collaboration Seminar

Guest: Peyton Price – From US NAVY (22nd March, 2019)

Peyton Price had a seminar on research collaboration. His research focus is in cybersecurity. He discussed some ongoing research and future research avenues on the field of cybersecurity.


Seminar: INFORMS Workshop How to prepare yourself for Job??? 

Speaker: Dr. Sushil Poudel & Dr. Roy Jafari (21st March, 2019)

Dr. Sushil Poudel and Dr. Roy Jafari are successful alumni of MSU. They detailed the required preparation process for entering to the job field. They also specifically discussed what is the tie line in preparation for getting a job in an Industry v/s getting a job in academia.

INFORMS meeting with Transportation Specialist

Guest: Dr. Sabya Mishra  and Dr. Mihalis Golias (6th March, 2019)

Dr. Mishra and Dr. Mihalis Golias are Assistant Professors in the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Memphis. Both professors shared their personal research experience in OR and transportation and provide some valuable insights to prepare for future research in transportation.

Coffee with INFORMS

Guest: Dr. Yunyi Kang (26th February, 2019)

Dr. Yunyi Kang discuss more about innovation in research while having the Coffee with INFORMS Student chapter at MSU.


INFORMS Professional meeting

Guest: Dr. Nazanin Morshedlou (21st February, 2019)

Post-Doctorate Fellow at University of Oklahoma and Part-time Data Analyst at Always Education. INFORMS student chapter members met Dr. Nazanin and discussed their current research. They also talked about the opportunities of applying data analytics on the field of OR/MS.

INFORMS Professional meeting

Guest: Dr. Sumesh Arora (15th February, 2019)

Director of the Energy & Natural Resources Division of the Mississippi Development Authority (MDA). Dr. Sumesh discuss some future research ideas and the feasibility of some potential researches from transportation background while meeting with the INFORMS student chapter members.

Coffee with INFORMS

Guest: Dr. John M. Usher (25th January, 2019)

Dr. Usher was a Professor and Head of Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering at Mississippi State University. The growth opportunities of INFORMS student chapter at MSU were discussed in the meeting.

INFORMS Professional  meeting

Guest: Dr. Miao Bai (25th January, 2019)

Dr. Bai is a postdoctoral research associate in the Center for the Science of Health Care Delivery at Mayo Clinic. INFORMS student chapter members met him and discuss some practical knowledge about professional skill development.



-Event name – INFORMS @ MSU: BBQ Party at Noxubee

INFORMS Student Chapter @MSU held a BBQ PARTY on 21 Oct 2018 at Noxubee.

-Event name – INFORMS @ MSU: Workshops Artificial Neural Networks, MATLAB, and Supercomputing

-Event name – INFORMS @ MSU: BBQ Party at Noxubee

INFORMS Student Chapter @MSU held a BBQ PARTY on 9th September 2017 at Noxubee.

-Event name – INFORMS @ MSU: BBQ Party at Noxubee

INFORMS Student Chapter @MSU held a BBQ PARTY on 27th August 2016 at Noxubee.

Past Events 

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