Past Events

Year 2015-2016

 Barbecue at lake  Enjoyed barbecue party at the Noxubee lake along with fishing, and football (soccer). 20160827_191646
  Coffee with INFORMS: Mr. Shub Sengupta  Dr. Sengupta presented a seminar on “Supply Chain Management for Tronox Titanium Dioxide plant at Hamilton, MS” and had a meeting with INFORMS student chapter.  mr-shub-sengupta
 Coffee with INFORMS: Dr. Daniel Petrolia  Dr. Petrolia presented a seminar on “An Economic Comparison of OCS Sand vs. Nearshore Sand for Coastal Restoration” and had a meeting with INFORMS student chapter.  dr-daniel-petrolia
 Farewell of Ex-President  INFORMS Student Chapter @MSU throws a farewell party for our ex-president,Dr. Eghbal Rashidi, who is moving to Clemson University for his post graduation journey. We share memories of our moments in the chapter and the school during these years with him. We wish him the best. Eghbal was and is an inspiring member of our chapter and school. Congratulations, and good luck Eghbal.  20160630_135923
 Coffee with INFORMS: Dr.Kenneth Ned Mitchell  Dr. Mitchell presented a seminar on “Dredging Program Optimization for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers” and had a meeting with INFORMS student chapter.
  Coffee with INFORMS: Dr. Chad Miller  Dr. Chad Miller presented a seminar on “The Evolving Mission of Rural Public Ports” and INFORMS student chapter presented their work and discussed opportunity on CLTT and potential collaborations.  dr-chad-miller
 Coffee with INFORMS: Dr. Heather Lyn Nachtmann  Dr. Nachtmann presented a seminar on “Operations Research in Maritime Logistics” and after presentation INFORMS student chapter had a meeting where they presented their research work to her.  dr-heather-nachtmann
 INFORMS BOWLING SOCIAL  INFORMS student, faculty, and staffs enjoyed bowling at nearby bowling place.  informs-bowling-party-flyer
 Structured Query Language (SQL) Seminar   PhD student Roy Jafari presented a workshop on Structures Query Language (SQL).  sql
 Coffee with INFORMS: James A. Williams Mr. Williams presented on “MDOT Research – Understanding the Past and Forecasting the Future” and have a meeting with INFORMS group regarding career opportunity and life experiences.  flyer-copy
Coffee with INFORMS: Dr. Waheed Uddin Dr. Uddin presented on “Transportation, Infrastructure Asset Management, and Flood Disaster Resilience Projects at CAIT – University of Mississippi” and have a meeting with INFORMS group regarding career opportunity and life experiences. 12233242_967225500008609_770594671_n


Year 2014-2015

Name of activity Description Photo
Seminar by Dr. Amin Kargarian Dr. Kargarian presented a seminar on “System of Systems based decision making for future smart grid operations”.Dr Kargarian is a postdoc fellow at Carnegi Mellon University has recently joined the the Electrical Engineering Department at LSU. 20150630_162630


Farewell Party INFORMS Student Chapter @MSU throws a farewell party for our graduate students, Afshin Ghasemi and Yang Chen, who are moving to U of Illinoise at Chicago. We share memories of our moments in the chapter and the school during these years with these fellow students. Now that they are moving on to a new school, we wish them the best. Good luck Yang and Afshin. 20150722_201701
Seminar by Dr. Linkan Bian Dr. Linkan Bian presented a seminar on “Additive Manufacturing Technology: Challenges and Opportunities”. He mostly talked about “Laser Based” AM which is used in 3-D printing. 20150520_163800
Meeting with An Alumni A Google hang out with Dr. Gokce Palak our former PhD student and chapter’s president. The main theme of the meeting was about job hunting. We also talked about post graduate life. 20150518_155708
Potluck A potluck at Dr. Usher’s with our graduate students. What is the best part about a potluck? Food! We enjoyed different dishes from different countries! 20150430_184844Usher2
Seminar on Data Mining INFORMS Student Chapter @MSU offered a seminar on Data Mining and Data Analytics. Roy Jafari, a PhD. student at MSU presented an introduction on data mining. 20150430_17112620150430_161058
Seminar on Network Optimization INFORMS Student Chapter @MSU in partnership with MSU MATH CLUB offered a seminar on network optimization for undergraduate students in Mathematics department. MathClubSeminar
Coffee Break with Dr. Usher INFORMS Student Chapter @MSU has its first coffee break with Dr. Usher, the head of the ISE department. It was a friendly environment for students, especially for the new students to get know Dr. Usher more, and vice versa. dc97934e98770bf5c435727a49c42b423864b7e405098b22584f4e82721a864bb68aa13dcbb660bf0e6a31f65450c3130adfae07b7b7bf86ead30df82afe9561
High School E-Day INFORMS Student Chapter @MSU volunteers to help in touring high school students who visit the campus during E-Day which is a open house events to help high school students learn more about the university and our programs. 20150416_120156
Implementing Benders Decomposition Dr. Marufuzzaman, our former INFORMS Chapter president who has joined the department as a faculty (we are very proud of him) holds a technical session on “Benders Decomposition Implementation”. Dr. Marufuzzaman talks about opportunities and challenges in implementing this technique and when and where it works, and when it does not. We were so engaged during the session that we forgot to take pictures! Benders
GAMS Tutorial INFORMS Student Chapter @MSU presents a technical workshop on GAMS. Jessica Milani, an exchange student from Brazil, gives a workshop on using GAMS in modeling optimization problems. The workshop was welcomed by many undergraduate students who have taken optimization courses. GAMS2GAMS
IIE Regional Conference INFORMS Student Chapter @MSU helps the IIE at MSU in organizing a regional conference. The INFORMS Chapter helps in judging the submitted papers and presentations, and also gives a seminar on “Network Optimization”. Eghbal Rashidi, PhD student, presents his research to undergraduate students at the conference using simple language. The goal of the seminar is to teach undergraduate students about OR and its application in real world. The seminar received great attention and interest by the students. IIE2IIE1
INFORMS Speaker Session with Dr. Radhika Kulkarni INFORMS Student Chapter @MSU are honored to host Dr. Radhika Kulkarni, the VP of advanced analytics R&D at SAS Institute Incorporation. Dr. Kulkarni gives a seminar on “Succeeding with Business Analytics – Key Challenges”. Dr. Kulkarni is an active member of INFORMS and serves on the advisory board of Institute for Advanced Analytics at North Carolina State University and Center for Hospitality Research at Cornell. Dr. Kulkarni was elected as INFORMS fellow in 2014. . image_8image_2
Science Fair Judges INFORMS Student Chapter @MSU participated as judges for science fair at Ward Stewart Elementary School. The science fair coordinators had asked for judges especifically for IE students. The elementary students had displayed their boards and the INFORMS Student Chapter helped judging and scoring students’ works. Science Fair
Mathematical Modeling using YALMIP PhD candidate Eghbal Rashidi presented a workshop on modeling optimization problems using YALMIP. YALMIP is a powerful toolbox for MATLAB for modeling complex mathematical optimization problems. Yalmip
Church of God Food Pantry Packing and Sorting INFORMS Student Chapter @MSU participated at the food pantry packing and sorting at Church of God in Starkville, MS. C of G
Farewell Party INFORMS Student Chapter @MSU throws a farewell party for the former president of the chapter, Satish Vadlamani, who has got a job and is moving to a new state. We share memories of our moments in the chapter and the school during these years with Satish. Now that he is moving on and stepping up for his future and following his dream, we are excited and congratulate him and wish him the best. Satish was and is an inspiring member of our chapter and school. Good luck Satish. SatishF
Product Life-Cycle Analysis Competition INFORMS Student Chapter @MSU in collaboration with the Systems Engineering and Analysis class of the Industrial & Systems Engineering department is organizing a competition where students will have the opportunity to present the result of their project on “The Life-cycle Analysis of Products (e.g., paper, shoes, tire)” to an audience. Everyone is invited to the presentations.The following cash awards will be given out to the groups:Winner: $100Runner Up: $50 Group 2 competionGroup 1 competion

Year 2013-2014

Name of activity Description Photo
St. Joseph’s Food Pantry Packing and Sorting IMG_20131206_144744
Big event 20140329_095434
Seminar by Dr. Xiaopeng Li MSU INFORMS Student Chapter is organizing a seminar on Thursday (September 4, 2014) from 3.30 to 4.30 pm in the Brannan Conference room. Dr. Xiaopeng Li is the speaker of the seminar. Dr. Li is an assistant professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at MSU.The title of the seminar is “A supporting station model for reliable infrastructure location design under interdependent disruptions“. There will be pizza and drinks. We hope to see you there. IMG_20140904_154315
Seminar by Dr. Peter Kelle Dr. Peter Kelle of the Department of Information Systems and Decision Sciences at Louisiana State University was the speaker in the seminar. The outline of the seminar is as follows:

  1. The field of analytics and the MS program in Analytics inLousiana State University department of Information systems and decision sciences
  1. Overview on research project: A Multi-Criteria Decision Case for Traffic Improvement Project Selection

Dr. Kelle is also an editor of the International Journal of Production Economics and a professor in the college of business of LSU, therefore he answered students’ questions about the journal and the review process.

Meeting with Dr. Chase Murray Dr. Chase Murray, Assistant Professor, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Auburn University will be speaking for INFORMS chapter this Friday. It will be primarily a Q&A session. Dr. Murray worked for Intel and Dallas semiconductors for five year before joining academia. So, following are the topics of the session.

  1. Difference between the working environments in industry and academia
  2. How to prepare for an industry job
  3. How to prepare for an academic job
Meeting with Dr. Valerie Thomas Dr. Valerie Thomas, an Associate Professor from the School of Industrial and Systems Eng., Georgia Tech.

will be meeting with chapter members. Following are the details.
Date: 28th February

Time: 1.30 – 2.30 PM

Venue: Brannan conference room
Meeting with Dr. Fengqi You Dr. Fengqi You, faculty of the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Northwestern University will be meeting with ISE students. Following is the schedule of the meeting:
Date: 28th April (Monday)
Time: 2.00-3.00PM
Venue: Brannan Conference room
Meeting with Dr. David Levinson Dr. David Levinson, faculty of the department of civil Engineering, University of Minnesota. Dr. David Levinson is serving as the Director of the Networks, Economics, and Urban Systems (NEXUS) research group. He holds the Richard P. Braun/CTS Chair in Transportation. He also serves on the graduate faculty of the Applied Economics and Urban and Regional Planning programs at the University of Minnesota. In academic year 2006-2007 he was a visiting academic at Imperial College in London. He conducts research at the intersection of transportation engineering, geography, planning, and economics. Levinson has authored or edited several books and numerous peer reviewed articles. He is the editor of the Journal of Transport and Land Use. IMG_20140421_140704
Seminar by Mr. Wayne Barnett Mr. Wayne Barnett, an employee of the Intel Inc. and an alumni of the chapter discussed about the value of IE graduate education in career
Online alumni meet Chapter members met with alumni Abdullah Al Khaled and Ambarish Achariya through a hangout session. Abdullah is working as an optimization scientist at Medseek, and Ambarish is working as an operations research analyst at E&J Gallo Winery. IMG_20140822_122315
Potluck IMG_20131213_203415
Optimization using Cplex Graduate student Md. Sadekuzzaman Roni was the speaker of the session. IMG_20140124_170307
Document processing using Latex MSU INFORMS Student Chapter Python programming technical session. Graduate student Mohammad Marufuzzaman was the speaker of the session
Programming with Python MSU INFORMS Student Chapter Python programming technical session.Graduate student Eghbal Rashidi was the speaker of the session IMG_20140815_152623
Participate in E-week Participated in collaboration with the Institute of Industrial Engineers chapter to represent the Industrial and Systems Engineering department in this college of engineering competition.

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